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Have since forgotten said names.

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CultureSOUL: *Vintage*  Black Ballerinas

1. Doris Patterson’s dance class, Washington D.C, 1948-1949

2. Young dancers, 1959; Flora Robb Dance Studio, Oxnard, CA, 1959.

3. ‘The Black Swan’ - Photo by Luis Castaneda, Miami, FL 1990

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"Transparences en Version Sport", ELLE France, July 1984Photographer: Gilles TapieModel: Rae Dawn Chong


"Transparences en Version Sport", ELLE France, July 1984
Photographer: Gilles Tapie
Model: Rae Dawn Chong

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Happy Birthday, Anne Bancroft |  September 17, 1931 - June 6, 2005

"Annie changed my life not only because she brought both of us success, but because she taught me the importance of always being hungry, of always trying harder, of always defying expectations." - Arthur Penn

"She would stop you from breathing, because there was something stunning about her." - Dustin Hoffman

"She was a practical idealist. She didn’t make speeches about the rights of women. Instead, she hired women for jobs that went traditionally to men, like the director of photography of the film she directed. I never heard her make lofty statements about loving humanity; she was more focused than that. My children and grandchildren all have memories of her that are intimate, specific moments, moments when she related to them on a specific, direct level. On vacation, she sat and admired sea glass with them, and they responded by searching for sea glass for her for days. She put them in touch with nature, not with a lecture, but with her genuine, human curiosity and love of beauty." - Alan Alda

"On every show I’ve worked on, I’ve found someone who was my channel of energy and love, and certainly Annie fulfilled that role. She’s New York, she’s comfortable, she’s got that earthy Italian thing, and we became really close…Annie taught me - by example, not by lecture - the ethics and disciplines of the theater. She was also one of the sexiest creatures that ever lived. Without being too obvious, I stole as much as I could from her behavior." - Patty Duke

"She was the best dancer, the best singer, and maybe the best actress in the world. It’s very difficult to go on without her." - Mel Brooks

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Bats illuminated by lightning (video)


Bats illuminated by lightning (video)

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Marisa Berenson photographed by David Bailey for Vogue,1967


Marisa Berenson photographed by David Bailey for Vogue,1967

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Oh, and never forget that The Killers brought about a Winona Ryder and Tim Burton reunion, and it was beautiful.

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A teensy bit late but here are our Halloween Costumes for this year:
The Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus

http://darjeelingtealeaves.tumblr.com/ as Mary Sanderson

Nailgunink-cosplay.tumblr.com/ : Sarah Sanderson

http://motherfuckingpterodactyl.tumblr.com/  as Winifred Sanderson

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Landschaft, 1904, by Hugo Erfurth


Landschaft, 1904, by Hugo Erfurth

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30 Day Horror Movie Challenge
  • Day 30 - All Time Favorite Horror Movie ( One Of )

The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

I watched this movie for the first time six months ago.

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